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Maccabi Victoria says ‘Thank You’ to each and every one of our valuable volunteers

With all of Australia celebrating National Volunteer Week, Maccabi Victoria also took this opportunity to recognise and celebrate our 600+ wonderful volunteers, the lifeblood of our organisation, whose input credits us with one of the strongest sporting networks in Australia.
Blake Street Shule Hall was filled to capacity last night, Sunday 20 May, with volunteers from all facets of Maccabi getting together at the new format event.
This award recognises significant contribution through volunteer involvement in a club.

Maccabi Victoria All Abilities
Club Volunteer Award– David Chester –

Maccabi Athletics Club
Club Volunteer Award – Braham Shnider
Over the past 3 years Braham has volunteered as a coach of the Club Members ( distance squad). He has also been the Maccabi Athletic Club Vice-President over that time and Assistant Cross-Country co-ordinator of teams, as well as a strong competitor in track and cross-country.

Maccabi Victoria Basketball Club
Club Volunteer Award – Barry Duke

Barry has been the Vice President of Maccabi Victoria Basketball Club for 3 years,the Head of the Match Committee for the Maccabi Victoria Basketball Club for 4 years, and been a basketball coach for the Club for over 5 years. He has also been a Victoria Junior Carnival Team Manager.

Maccabi AJAX Junior Cricket Club
Club Volunteer Award – Ashley Brygel

Ashley has been involved in the Ajax Junior Cricket Club, acting as a Team Manager for every year that his children have played – which is many. He has performed this role to an exceptional standard.

Maccabi AJAX Cricket Club
Club Volunteer Award – Paul Fink

Paul has been a tireless, valuable contributor to the Maccabi AJAX Senior Cricket Club over many years. Despite now not being able to play because of injury, Paul remains one of the club’s leaders. Recently as Chairman of Selectors and now Maccabiah Team Manager, Paul continues to give of his time and passion.

Maccabi Cycling Club
Club Volunteer Award – Nick Orloff
Nick has been involved in the Maccabi Cycling Club since its inception in 2009. He runs the Junior programme and is the Maccabiah 2013 Cycling Division Manager. He has made a huge contribution to the Club’s success.

AJAX Amateur Football Club
Club Volunteer Award – Peter Kagan

Peter has been the AJAX Football Club Secretary for nearly 10 years. Peter is a Life Member of the club. Nothing happens at AJAX without Peter. He is tireless, working and volunteering every day – 10 hours a day, 24/7.

AJAX Junior Football Club
Club Volunteer Award – David Zivin

David has been a long term contributor to the Junior Football Club as a dedicated team manager. He has volunteered to undertake activities over and beyond his area of responsibility. Most notable is his agreement to take on the management of our inaugural Girls team. This alone is worthy of recognition.

Maccabi Victoria Golf Club
Club Volunteer Award – Stephen Wagen

Stephen has worked consistently for the Golf Club over many years. He has been involved in organising events, managing scoring, match committee and lots more. In addition, Stephen is also involved in National Council and Maccabiah Golf.

Maccabi Hockey Club
Club Volunteer Award – David Birnbaum

David has been a committed and meticulous Club Treasurer for the past 6 years. He has contributed unconditionally to this position.

Maccabi AJAX Lawn Bowls Club
Club Volunteer Award – Helen Weiss
Helen has convened the Inter Shule Lawn Bowls Day over many years. Each year, Helen oversees the 13-15 shules that compete with 120 bowlers ( approx) competing. Helen also constantly provides Maccabi Victoria with all the Maccabi Lawn Bowls information in a magnificent manner. Committee member for years and our well respected Publicity Officer.

Maccabi AJAX Netball Club
Club Volunteer Award – Suzie Mordech

Suzie has been a long time contributor to the Maccabi AJAX Netball Club, as a player, parent, coach, co-ordinator and in her current role as Club Secretary. Nothing is ever too hard for her and her advice is always sought and invaluable.

AJAX Ski Club
Club Volunteer Award – None Awarded

Victoria Maccabi Snooker Club
Club Volunteer Award – Nathan Gropman

Nathan Gropman’s contribution to the Snooker Club over many years has been outstanding. He has instigated & developed the whole data base & scoring system for the entire Club. He is still constantly updating & developing the system currently. He is also a long term member of 14 years & also a very skilled player.

North Caulfield Maccabi Football Club
Club Volunteer Award – None Awarded

North Caulfield Maccabi Junior Football Club
Club Volunteer Award – Kevin Milstein

Kevin will do anything for the Club at anytime, including Kiosk Manager, Club Secretary , putting arrangements in place for the ‘Girls with Heart ‘initiative, which was most successful.

Maccabi Squash Club
Club Volunteer Award – Jack Iglicki

Jack Iglicki has worked tirelessly for many years to assist the Squash Club. Besides spending many hours doing administrative work, he has helped coach Juniors, facilitate Squash Centre improvements, and repeatedly contributed from his own pocket to ensure the future of the Squash Club.

Maccabi AJAX Swimming Club
Club Volunteer Award – Clive Aaron
Clive Aaron organised the recent most successful Swimathon, runs the National Swimming Committee and assists the Victorian Club. ( Swimming Club).

Maccabi Table Tennis Club
Club Volunteer Award – None Awarded

Maccabi Victoria Ten Pin Bowling Club
Club Volunteer Award – Kelly Gillis
Kelly has been an active and continuous member of the Maccabi Victoria Ten Pin Bowling Club since 1984 from a Junior to present. Her outstanding contribution has been in maintaining the scoring systems and ladder for the club in excess of 15 years as well as doing the tournament databases when events are hosted by the club.

Maccabi Tennis Club
Club Volunteer Award – Adam Needleman

Adam Needleman has worked tirelessly to build up membership to such a degree at the Tennis Club that there are now 12 Pennant teams ( which includes 2 womens’ teams). Almost single-handedly, Adam has built up the number of the Pennant teams competing in the Tennis Victoria competition into one of the top 10 competing clubs in Victoria

Maccabi Toastmasters Club
Club Volunteer Award – Danny Shafar

Danny Shafar is a most valuable, supportive, enthusiastic, volunteer, with great organising ability and very helpful.

Maccabi Water Polo Club
Club Volunteer Award – Alon Pfau
Alon has been a Club Coach for more than 5 years. He successfully ran the new Junior Water Polo program. Alon is also Maccabi Umpire Representative (Qualified Level 2 Umpire) and Qualified Level 2 Coach.

Maccabi Victoria Club President’s Awards

Maccabi Victoria All Abilities Group
Sharon Hamilton
Maccabi Athletic Club
Len Bogatin
Maccabi Victoria Basketball Club
Danny Samuels
Maccabi AJAX Cricket Club (Junior)
Howard Machlin
Maccabi AJAX Cricket Club (Junior) - 2011
Mark Shapiro
Maccabi AJAX Cricket Club (Senior)
Leon Jacobs
Maccabi AJAX Cricket Club (Senior) - 2011
Jeff Israel
Maccabi Cycling Club
Shane Gild
AJAX Amateur Football Club
Ian Fayman
AJAX Junior Football Club
Mark Davis
Maccabi Victoria Golf Club
Allen Garb
Maccabi Hockey Club
Darren Krawitz
Maccabi AJAX Lawn Bowls Club
Keith Faiman
Maccabi AJAX Netball Club
Barry Lehrer
Maccabi AJAX Netball Club - 2011
Sharon Roseman
AJAX Ski Club
Marcel Dayan
Victoria Maccabi Snooker Club
Mal Gilbert
North Caulfield Maccabi Football (soccer) Club
Morris Ritz
North Caulfield Maccabi Football (soccer) Club - 2011
Jonathan Munz
North Caulfield Maccabi Junior Football (soccer)
Sam Gamsu
Maccabi Squash Club
Richard Margolis
Maccabi Squash Club - 2011
Jack Iglicki
Maccabi AJAX Swimming Club
Peter Bloom
Maccabi Table Tennis Club
Jack Cyngler
Maccabi Tennis Club
Henry Muscatel
Maccabi Victoria Ten Pin Bowling Club
Tony Aarons
Maccabi Toastmasters Club
Dr Victor Kelmann
AJAX Maccabi Water Polo Club
Paul Fleiszig

President’s Award
Sam Gamsu – North Caulfield Maccabi Junior Football Club
This award goes to someone who very very rarely uses the word “No”. Nothing is too much trouble for this Club President, he does not get territorial. All he sees is the big picture of team members competing, participating, learning and having fun. And he hasn’t only done this for one club for many years, ie Cricket, he has put his skills to running the soccer club. Everybody wants him for his experience and skill, hence he will be a senior leader of Maccabiah 2013, he has already made a major contribution to Junior Carnivals. Who would not want this resource. As leader of one of our largest clubs, Junior Soccer, we are proud to have as one of us Sam Gamsu.

I remember when Sam graciously took on the top job after the resignation of his predecessor. Since that year, around 2007, he moved from a very hands on role in Cricket to a very hands on role in Soccer, and he remained Hands on in the Cricket Club, mind you! Sam has been involved in Interstate Junior Soccer Challenges, he patiently works with Football Federation Victoria, even when fixtures are changed mid season, and I think it is fair to say that he values what the roof body Maccabi Victoria offers his club, and in turn we value what he has done for our Organisation. He is not one for Ego, and to puff out his chest noting all his achievements, but I can assure you that his work has touched the lives of thousands of juniors whether they know it or not. We are proud to have him as Club President, a Friend of Maccabi, a Volunteer – call it what you will. We thank him publicly by bestowing this award, please welcome Sam Gamsu.

The ‘Lenny Bogatin’ Award for Outstanding Service to Maccabi Victoria & Jewish Sport
Mal Gilbert – Victoria Maccabi Snooker Club
In late 2010 Maccabi Victoria named a perpetual award in honour of Len Bogatin for his 45 years service to the Athletics Club at that time. The award was testament to the sacrifices that Len has made to the Athletics Club and to the Jewish community in general.

This year we are delighted to have Len with us to hand over the trophy to another worthy winner

Mal Gilbert, President of the Victoria Maccabi Snooker Club is one of the outstanding new breed of Maccabi Club Administrators. He was the founding President of the Maccabi Snooker Club more than 10 years ago and remains its President today.
Over the last decade, Mal developed the Snooker Club into one of the best run and professional Maccabi clubs which now boasts well over 100 members, playing at a fabulous facility in Dingley.
In 1993 Mal won Maccabi Victiria’s Administrator of the Year Award and was the Sports organiser of the 1996 Melbourne Junior Carnival. Mal took a well deserved break of 3 or 4 years and then returned to the Presidency of the club a couple of years ago. One only has to go to their many awards nights or anniversary nights to see how well run the club is, how Mal and his committee marshal the goodwill of volunteers to generate a true snooker community – the largest Jewish Snooker Club in the world.

Maccabi Victoria ‘People’s Choice’ Volunteer Award

The ‘People’s Choice’ Volunteer award gave YOU, the members of Maccabi Victoria and our community, the opportunity to nominate a Maccabi Victoria volunteer who has kept our community active and healthy through their outstanding contribution to Maccabi Victoria for a minimum of three consecutive years The ‘Top 4’ Short List of Nominees was listed on the website for people to vote.

Peter ‘Rocky’ Rockman – AJAX Amateur Football Club
Peter has managed and operated the AJAX canteen and kitchen. He cleans up Saturday’s and Thursday and Tuesday providing hot food for players, committee, match committee, coaches and spectators. He gives his all for the club.

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