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Junior Carni: Meet Maccabi VIC’s Team Managers!

Introducing those who make it all possible behind the scenes: our stellar Team Managers!

This year, there’s a little extra netball flair as both our Team Managers happen to hail from the Maccabi AJAX Netball Club!

Imagine an experienced coach, a nurturing aunt, and a guardian angel all combined into one. That’s our Team Managers for you. They seamlessly oversee our enthusiastic group of youth leaders, who are like the big siblings to our Carni participants. Together, they form a powerful team ensuring every kid is set to shine and deliver their best.

From the bustling early morning preparations to the comforting late-night chats, our Team Managers are there every step of the way. Think of them as the ultimate ‘Sporty Mama Bears’ of the Carnival – fiercely protective, incredibly nurturing, and always cheering the loudest!

Diving right into the action, let’s get to know the first of our fabulous Team Managers, the unstoppable Nat…



My name is Nat and I am the wife of Marty and mum of Lara, Abbie and Ethan. By trade, I am a medical research assistant and spent over ten years working at the Austin Hospital. After the birth of my third child, I moved into admin and also became involved in the Maccabi Ajax Netball Club. In late 2020, I took over as Co-President of the club and am really passionate about this role. Between my involvement in netball, my husband’s coaching at Ajax footy and of course my kids participating in netball, footy, basketball and even skiing, Maccabi and sport are a huge part of our lives.


What sport or activity were you obsessed with when you were a teen, and do you have any funny or memorable stories about it?

I loved playing netball and tennis when I was a teen but honestly, I was obsessed with AFL footy. My 2 older brothers introduced me to Collingwood when I was 11 and it happened to be the year the Pies won the premiership so there was no turning back. We loved watching together as a family and also having a kick on the street or at the park. I was lucky enough to always be included in a kick-to-kick even when their mates were over.

If you had to pick a theme song that plays every time you enter a room during Carni, what would it be and why?

My go to song is Wake Me Up by Avicii (I especially love the version from Pitch Perfect 3). It always puts me in a good mood.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to a first-time participant to make the most of their Maccabi Junior Carnival experience?

My advice would be to go in with an open mind and not to worry about anything (especially the billeting). It’s a jam packed week and just enjoy the moment.



Hi! My name is Bec and I have two kids – Sam and Livi. Livi is also proud to be a part of the Maccabi Ajax Netball Club. I work as a digital marketer in the health and wellness field. I’m excited to start my first role at Maccabi as the Victorian Team Manager for Junior Carnival. I can’t wait to work closely with our awesome Carni kids and their families. I deeply believe that sports play a pivotal role in shaping the character, confidence, and team spirit of children, setting them up for a bright future.


Imagine the Maccabi Junior Carnival is being turned into a blockbuster movie. Which actor or actress would you want to play you, and what would the movie’s title be?

Carnival Connections – Bonds without borders! I would choose Jennifer Aniston to play me (although she does have way better hair!)  The story could highlight the friendships formed, the challenges overcome, and the memorable moments shared during the event.

If you could travel back in time to train or play with a legendary sports figure, who would it be and in what sport?

A legendary sporting figure I would love to meet is Cathy Freeman. Cathy Freeman’s dedication to her sport, her ability to handle immense pressure, and her role in fostering unity and understanding make her an inspirational figure. Her story is a testament to the impact that athletes can have beyond their athletic achievements, as symbols of unity, perseverance, and the potential to bring about positive change in society.

What’s the one thing you’re most excited about when thinking of meeting all the Carni participants for the first time?

I’m so excited to meet all the Victorian Carni participants for the first time to feel the joy of how love of sport, community and friendship can bring them all together for the best experience!



For more information about Maccabi Junior Carnival, please contact your Team VIC Carnival State Managers: Natalie Dodge and Rebecca Wolman – [email protected]



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