Prospective Board Member


Prospective Board Member

Thank you for considering joining the Maccabi Australia Board.

Not-for-profit organizations must be trusted by their stakeholders and communities — both in the delivery of services and in their stewardship of the organization’s assets, including the funding they receive from members, donors, governments and other sources. To earn and maintain this trust, organizations must be well governed by an effective board of directors.

The MAI board of directors is at the top of an organization’s structure. Although the structure is quite fragmented and is made up of Clubs who are members of their state bodies who in turn are members of MAI. It is the state bodies that vote on the appointed officers at MAI and indeed have the power to amend the constitution.

Board members of MAI have a fiduciary role as stewards of the organization’s assets to approve funding, strategies, programs, activities, expenditures and other major decisions. The board is responsible for establishing the strategic and ethical directions of the organization.

MAI Board selection process

  1. Nominations are called for prior to the AGM through a public notice.
  2.  All nominees are required to forward their CV and complete the form attached – this is required so that the relevant information can be forwarded to the State bodies for their review prior to the AGM.
  3. At the AGM person nominated will be asked to present a case for the selection over no more than 5 minutes.
  4. The AGM will adjourn and the existing members will review the applications and appointments will be made based on best fit

To understand the Values, Roles and Responsibilites of an MAI Board Member, please contact Jeff Sher for further information (details below)

Submit Nomination or Request Further Information:
Rodney Rosmarin, President

[email protected]