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Whilst Maccabi Queensland does not have structured sporting clubs we are able to offer a vast array of programs, events , webinars and unstructured activities through the Maccabi LIFE program.

Maccabi Life is a bold community initiative which was created in 2019 and developed to create sustainable health change in the Australian Jewish community by promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

The goal is to promote health and well-being options outside of our Sport programs to the full range of age demographics through 3 distinct pillars – Physical Activity, Healthy Eating and Mental Wellbeing. This will be achieved through education sessions, online events, and unstructured activity.

Maccabi LIFE will partner with leading health and wellness professionals to create a wide range of events and activities that are relevant and evolve with the ever-changing health needs of our community.

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Maccabi is a world wide organisation.

We represent Jewish sportsmen and women around the world

Maccabi Australia is a Zionist sports organisation and has focused on strengthening its links with Israel and the Australian Jewish community since the 1920’s.  It is part of Maccabi World Union (MWU) who represent more than 500,000 members in over 80 countries participating in just about every sporting code.

Maccabi across the world has established a phenomenal track record of using organised sports as a passport to lifelong Jewish involvement.

Maccabi Australia was formed with the purpose of developing and coordinating grassroots activities, encouraging participation, and pursuing health improvement in the community.

The Maccabi organisation in Australia has a proud history of developing Jewish sport and has been sending a team to the Maccabiah since 1950 as well as playing a significant role in developing sport locally through a national club structure.


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Maccabi LIFE

We have been operating in Australia for over 90 years and have successfully provided sport programs to many thousands of people over this time. To ensure we remain relevant and provide you our members with more value and benefit we have launched the Maccabi Life program which is full of benefits that are absolutely FREE to all Maccabi and Maccabi Life members.