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Commemorating Yom Hashoah with Melbourne Holocaust Museum & AJAX Football Club

Holocaust survivors at last year’s #justlikeyou pre-match ceremony.

This week, Maccabi Victoria and the Melbourne Holocaust Museum (MHM) are joining forces to commemorate Yom Hashoah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day, with their annual #justlikeyou initiative. The campaign aims to remind Maccabi players that they share common ground with many people their age who loved sports but were deprived of that right during the Holocaust.

Now in its eighth year, the #justlikeyou Yom Hashoah commemorations are an essential reminder of the tragic events that took place during the Holocaust. This year, the AJAX Football Club will hold a special ceremony at Princes Park on Saturday, April 22, to honour the victims and commemorate Yom Hashoah. Fourteen Holocaust survivors will be in attendance for this heartwarming event.

Australian Olympian Jemima Montag, granddaughter of Holocaust survivors Richard and Judith Montag, endorses the initiative and will stand alongside the survivors this weekend. The #justlikeyou campaign is organized by Mel Raleigh, board director at the MHM. She expressed the importance of remembering the stories of Holocaust survivors, saying, “As each year passes and there are fewer voices to tell their stories, we are extremely privileged to stand with so many Melbourne Holocaust survivors and commemorate Yom Hashoah.”

The ceremony holds deep significance for the survivors, as some were expelled from their hometown sporting clubs simply because they were Jewish. The AJAX Football Club players are honoured to stand with these survivors during the commemoration. The Maccabi/MHM ceremony will take place between 1.30-2 pm on Oval 1, Princes Park, Dover Street, Caulfield South, just before the Jackas’ match against Old Trinity.

Stay tuned for our socials this week as we share other Yom Hashoah commemorations from our Maccabi Clubs.

In a time when the world often seems divided, the #justlikeyou initiative serves as a powerful reminder of our shared humanity. By commemorating Yom Hashoah together, Maccabi Victoria, Melbourne Holocaust Museum, and the AJAX Football Club are fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the history and resilience of the Jewish community.

Credit: AJN

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