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All Abilities Maccabi AJAX All Stars – Interview with Bailey Layton

Kate Lustig interviews Maccabi AJAX Footy All Star Player, Bailey Layton


So Bailey, can you tell me a bit about yourself and how you got involved with Maccabi All Abilities and the football team?

I first got involved the Maccabi All Abilities team just from hearing about it online. And then I’ve been going to watch a lot of the senior games this season. And then Jeff Israel approached me one day being like, Hey, do you want to come play for the football team?

And what does it mean to you to be part of the All Abilities Team and how has this experience impacted your life?

I feel like me being able to be a part of it is actually amazing. I’ve been living in Canada for the past nine years almost, and moving back to Melbourne has been amazing. And then for me now, playing footy in an All Abilities setting have been unreal.

As a player in the FIDA League, how does it feel to compete? can you share a memorable moment or your biggest achievement?

Well, my biggest achievement – me kicking my first goal against Fountain Gate here! And having a home ground, and also being captain today has been unreal.

Can you tell us about some of your teammates and the bond you share with them?

I feel like on the field, we’re a very close knit group. We get along amazingly and we know what we have to do.

How have the coaches or other members of the Maccabi community supported you through your journey in footy?

Love everybody here. There’s so many people here that I can shout out right now. I’ve also been involved in the All Abilities Basketball Team, which has been good.

One last question. who is your favourite player in the AFL and who do you go for in the footy?

My favourite player is Nick Daicos and I go for Collingwood.

For more information about the All Abilities Program contact: Kate Lustig [email protected]

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