Governance & Policies


Governance & Policies

Everyone that joins Maccabi – whether at Club, State or National level – is required to sign a Maccabi Participation Agreement.

The Participation Agreement ensures that individuals who wish to join Maccabi are aware that their membership and participation are conditional upon them reading, understanding and at all times complying with Maccabi’s Member Protection Policies (MPP) which are contained in the Member Protection Handbook.

The Agreement will either be included in your club registration process when you enrol with a club or for other positions, you will be required to sign a hard copy of the agreement.

Below you will find for download a copy of the various agreements.


Download Membership Agreement_Parents of Athletes & Members U18

Download Membership Agreement_Coaches, Committee, Volunteers etc

Download Membership Agreement_Parents of Coaches, etc U18



Governance around membership to a International Games Team has been developed to work in conjunction with Maccabi Australia general policies. These specific policies and documents are available here.

Download International Games Australian Athlete Selection Criteria here