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Maccabi and Maccabi LIFE share with you all an informative and useful Mental Wellness Toolkit to assist you and your family through this devastating and difficult time faced by our community.

The family toolkit includes articles on Grief, Understanding the stress effects on major events, understanding common reactions to a major event, Supporting someone through grief and loss, helping yourself, others and children after a major event, dealing with overwhelm about world events and helping children to deal with grief.

Maccabi LIFE is a bold community initiative which was created in 2019 and developed to create sustainable health change by promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through education, eventing and unstructured activity.

Our goal is to pioneer health and wellbeing solutions and pursue new opportunities outside of our Sport program to enrich the physical and mental literacy and health of the Jewish community.

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It’s a truly personalised and safe place for you to set and track your wellness goals.

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The Maccabi Life Wellbeing platform considers your “wholebeing” across five key pillars- Physical, Social, Emotional, Financial, and Career.
There are also plenty of on-demand workouts, recipes, and meditations to add to your daily routine!

Each month we will cover different topics across the five pillars and bring experts on board to deliver the most up-to-date, relevant wellbeing content each month, that will keep you engaged and inspired to improve your wellbeing.

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