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Tenpin: Super League – Results from Weeks 17 to 19

Week seventeen had Barstein in first place with 108 points. Bowlariffic moved up to Second Place with 102 points, while Phoenix Rising went down to Third Place with 99 points. There was just one high-scoring game played during Week 17. Ari Baram bowled a 174-game with a series of 426.

Week eighteen found Barstein in first place with 109 points (a pinfall of 20213). Bowlariffic remained in Second Place on 109 Points (with a Pin Fall of 20060), and Phoenix Rising remained in Third Place on 103 Points.

There were a Few Great High Score Games Bowled During Week eighteen of season one (2022). Luis Gutierrez bowled a 223-game series of 558, Anthony Houston bowled a 211 game with a 510 series, Howard Baram bowled a 194 game with a 561 series, Ari Baram bowled two great games, a 182 and a 178 with a 495 series, and Andrew Drylie bowled a 151 game with a 386 series.

Week nineteen saw Bowlariffic move up to First Place by One Point – 118 Points, Barsteen went down to Second Place on 117 points, and Phoenix Rising remained in third place with 105 points.

There were just three high-score games bowled during week nineteen. Ari Baram bowled a 183 game with a series of 492, Michael Eisenstein bowled a 169 game with a series of 434, and Andrew Drylie bowled a 163 game with a series of 421.

There is excitement in the air as just two weeks remain in season one (2022)at the time of writing this article.

We are looking for extra bowlers to join our Wednesday Night League. We bowl at Manhattan Super League in Mascot, practice at 6:15 PM, and then we bowl three games from 6.30 PM.

For more information, contact League Secretary Evy Rose on 0418119377 or Publicity Officer Andrew Drylie on 0408448650.

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