Connecting our Jewish community through sport and wellbeing


DATES —  14-21 January 2025 

Be a part of something special this year! 

Maccabi Junior Carnival is a week of incredible experiences ranging from multi level competitive sport to incredible social activities that no one will want to miss!

A wide variety of sports are on offer including basketball, soccer, tennis, netball, ultimate frisbee and many more.

While enjoying the spirited competition, participants will be experiencing some of the best activities Australia has to offer. This year’s carnival will feature incredible social events. Other activities include Discos, barbecues and more!

For over 40 years the Junior Carnival has been connecting Jewish youth from all over Australia and is responsible for an immeasurable number of lifelong friendships.

Junior Carnival is for Jewish kids from across Australia & New Zealand aged between 12 and up to 16 years of age (from 11.5 years for the home state) at the time of the event.

If you are commencing Year 7,8,9 or 10 next year, in 2025 – then don’t miss out!


Continue the Dream.

We are delighted to announce the official launch of the Australian Delegation to the 22nd Maccabiah Games (M25) that will take place from 8 – 22 July 2025.

Every four years the Jewish Olympics brings together athletes, managers, coaches, and sporting enthusiasts from across the globe to compete in Israel, to celebrate Jewish heritage, sportsmanship, and camaraderie.

With great excitement we invite you to be part of this journey as we unleash the dream once again like never before.

For over 90 years, the Maccabiah Games have exemplified the power of sports to foster unity and pride within the Jewish Community.

The values of Maccabi Australia run through the history of this global event.

  • Teamwork
  • Community
  • Volunteerism
  • Respect

Giselle Berlinski the General Manager of the Team is back to lead the Australian delegation.

M25 promises to be the best yet, athletes will have the opportunity to compete at the highest level, igniting their competitive spirits and pushing the boundaries of their capabilities.

Beyond the sporting arena’s the Maccabiah offers participants, volunteers, and supporter’s an exceptional experience that one can only dream about.

Whether you are an athlete, volunteer, coach, a sports enthusiast, or a passionate supporter, M25 offers a once in a lifetime experience to connect with Israel, compete at the highest level , forge lifelong friendships, and wear the green and gold on the world stage


The Rudi Roth Maccabi Australia Scholarship Fund was established by the late Rudi Roth to provide opportunities and support for Australian Jewish athletes seeking to achieve at an elite level in their chosen sport. As a youngster who overcame rickets to become a top class squash player, Rudi has established this fund together with Maccabi Australia in order to promote Jewish sportsmen and women and help them achieve their sporting dreams and goals.

Eligibility Criteria:

Maccabi Outstanding Sportspersons Awards – These awards are open to all Eligible Persons as per the Maccabi Australia constitution

Junior Awards – to be eligible for a Junior award, the individual must be competing as a junior as defined by the sporting body/event and/or be 18 and under at the time of the achievement.

Masters Awards– to be eligible for a Masters award, the individual must be competing as a master as defined by that sporting body/event or be 50 or over at the time of achievement.

All Abilities Award – the All Abilities award is open to individuals of any age and disability.

Rudi Roth Scholarship – an athlete striving to achieve elite status as an Australian. This athlete must embrace and embody the Maccabi values.

National/State Volunteer of the Year – to be eligible for a volunteer award, the nominee must embrace and embody the Maccabi values and have had a worthwhile impact through volunteering at National, State or Club level


2023 National Award Winners

  • 2023 National Maccabi Outstanding Junior Sportsman of the Year: JAKE DEMBO 
  • 2023 National Maccabi Outstanding Junior Sportswoman of the Year: LAYLA BLOOM 
  • 2023 National Maccabi Outstanding Master Sportsman of the Year: JORIAN CATZEL 
  • 2023 National Maccabi Outstanding Master Sportswoman of the Year: LEORA YATES 
  • 2023 National Maccabi Outstanding Sportsman of the Year: ETHAN DE MELO 
  • 2023 National Maccabi Outstanding Sportswoman of the Year: JESSICA FOX
  • 2023 National Maccabi Outstanding All Abilities Sportsperson of the Year: ORI DRABKIN 
  • 2023 Maccabi Australia President Award – Sport Excellence: JEMIMA MONTAG 
  • 2023 Maccabi Australia President Award – Sport Excellence: HARRY SHEEZEL

2023 Volunteer Award Winners

  • 2023 National Volunteer Award – Outstanding Contribution to Maccabi: JEFF SHER 
  • 2023 National Volunteer Award – NSW Volunteer of the Year: MICHELLE SAMUEL & BRAD ROSEN
  • 2023 National Volunteer Award – VIC Volunteer of the Year: JEFF ALFORD
  • 2023 National Volunteer Award – WA Volunteer of the Year: ANTHONY KUR

2023 Club Award Winners

  • 2023 Maccabi NSW Club of the Year Award: MACCABI BASKETBALL CLUB
  • 2023 Maccabi VIC Club of the Year Award: AJAX JUNIOR FOOTBALL CLUB
  • 2023 Maccabi WA Club of the Year Award: MACCABI TENNIS CLUB

2023 Maccabi LIFE Award 

  • 2023 Maccabi LIFE Award – Contribution to Community Wellbeing: JUDY PHILLIPS


Maccabi and Maccabi LIFE share with you all an informative and useful Mental Wellness Toolkit to assist you and your family through this devastating and difficult time faced by our community.

The family toolkit includes articles on Grief, Understanding the stress effects on major events, understanding common reactions to a major event, Supporting someone through grief and loss, helping yourself, others and children after a major event, dealing with overwhelm about world events and helping children to deal with grief.


The Pan American Maccabi Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina took place between December 27th, 2023 – January 5th 2024. An Australian delegation of more than 150 athletes, management, and supporters had an unforgettable experience, celebrating 2024 New Year’s Eve in Buenos Aires with 5000 Jewish athletes from all over the world.



1000's of Rewards Now available

The Maccabi Life Wellbeing platform has been updated and now offers rewards for the entire Family.

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Maccabi is a world wide organisation.

We are part of a Global Movement

Maccabi Australia is a Zionist sports organisation with a strong focus on strengthening its links with Israel and the global Jewish community through our affiliation with Maccabi World Union( MWU).

MWU is a worldwide organisation that represents Jewish sportsmen and women around the world. Globally MWU represents some 450,000 members in over 80 countries participating in just about all sporting codes and has established a phenomenal track record of using organised sports as a passport to lifelong Jewish involvement.

Maccabi Australia symbolises community, friendship, connection and competitive spirit. Just as sport maintains an important role in society, Maccabi has and will continue to play an intrinsic part of the fabric of the Australian Jewish community. Maccabi prides itself on providing opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to not only get active, but also form lifelong friendships.

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge and pay our respects to the Traditional Owners of Country on which we meet, connect and play sport, and which we call home.

Maccabi respects the diverse protocols, heritages and cultures of all First Nations peoples. We pay respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders and peoples both past and present, and we acknowledge and are inspired by the significant contribution that they have made to sport in the Australian community.

A Strong Heritage of Community Sport


Maccabi State

With a presence in 4 states across the country, there is a Maccabi club or a wellbeing activity near you. To obtain further information about what is available in each state, select the relevant state from the map.

Maccabi LifeHealth & Wellbeing

In late 2018, Maccabi Australia shifted the strategic scope of the organisation to include a focus on health and wellbeing and launched the Maccabi Life initiative.

The organisation recognised that there had been a greater shift to unstructured physical activity, resulting in lower participation in club activities. The association between sport and health and wellbeing is a natural one, so it seemed fitting for Maccabi to take a leading position in this space.

The aim of Maccabi Life is to create sustainable health change in our Australian Jewish community by promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, body and mind, the perfect add on to our National Sports Program. Maccabi Life focuses on reaching people who are involved in – or seek to become involved in – unstructured activities. The initiatives are designed to engage not only Maccabi club members, but also the wider Jewish community.