Maccabi’s 54 sporting clubs, 7,500 athletes and thousands of coaches, administrators, volunteers and supporters are woven tightly together to make up the fabric of Jewish Sport in our community.

Each week as our members compete, they ‘PROUDLY’ wear the Maccabi Magen David, representing their Jewish identity and our community across the Nation, at all age levels, and in all levels of competition. For many this is their only connection to the Jewish community and their Jewish heritage, and for opposition Teams, Maccabi is often their first contact with a Jewish person, or organisation.

In our 95th year, Maccabi continues to honour our core objective of “Connecting our Jewish Community Through Sport & Wellbeing”.  We play a vital role in the health and wellbeing of our Jewish community. Through sport, we develop friendships, teach life lessons and promote our values of community, respect, teamwork and volunteerism.

Each year, we recognise, acknowledge and award those ‘Maccabi Stars’ that shine brightest, both on and off the sporting arena, exemplifying all that Maccabi stands for.