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Maccabi Golf Kirzner Silberscher Shield

Photograph R to L: President Peter Janovic, Brad Karp (winner of the Silberscher Shield), and Jack Silberscher 

Joe Dorfman with winner of the Kirzner Shield, Nicole Sandler


Despite a less encouraging weather forecast, the group that set out for the Mornington Peninsula to take part in the delayed 2023 Kirzner Silberscher Shield were pleasantly surprised by some perfect golfing weather! The tournament unfolded over three outstanding courses, with the scoring being impressive as many golfers performed better than their handicap.

The Maccabi Victoria Golf Club is dedicated to providing younger members of the community with opportunities to play golf and connect with other Jewish golfers. This aim was achieved with over 40 Next Gen golfers joining seasoned players to enjoy the spirit and camaraderie of Maccabi Golf.

The event also welcomed several first-time Maccabi golfers and some visitors from Canada. Each day featured full fields of players, making the golf both competitive and social.

Scores for each day were as follows:

Round 1 – The Dunes:

  • Winner: Michael Diamond
  • 2nd: Steve Korman (noteworthy for scoring 26 points on the back nine, narrowly missing a perfect 27 due to a three-putt on the last hole)
  • 3rd: Brad Karp

Round 2 – St Andrews Beach:

  • Winner: Clive Green
  • 2nd: Searle Batten
  • 3rd: Josh Liberman

The final day at Moonah Links Legends course saw a tight finish with many players within a 6-shot range, leading to excellent scoring. Special mention goes to junior Benjamin Lewis, with a GA of 15, who shot one of the best scores of the day at 37 points. Brad Karp’s consistent performance over the three days secured him the Silberscher Shield. Nicole Sandler excelled in the Women’s competition, winning the Kirzner Shield.

Round 3 – Moonah Legends:

  • Winner: Earle Sacher
  • 2nd: Brad Karp
  • 3rd: Morris Davidson

Overall Results:

  • Silberscher Shield: Winner – Brad Karp; 2nd – Earle Sacher; 3rd – Searle Batten
  • Kirzner Shield: Winner – Nicole Sandler; 2nd – Donna Hersh; 3rd – Janet Stuk


Next Gen Results:

The Dunes

  • 1st – Connor Kotzman (39 points)
  • 2nd – Russell Sochen (37 points)
  • 3rd – Daniel Slomoi (36 points)

St Andrews

  • 1st – Matt Beaconsfield (39 points – With an Eagle as well)
  • 2nd – Dean Spilkin (37 points – On a count back 23 points on back 9 and 2 points on the 9th hole)
  • 3rd – Josh Hodes (37 points – On a count back 23 points on back 9 and 1 point on the 9th hole)

With the following also finishing with 37 points.

  • Josh Liberman (37 points – On a count back 18 points on back 9)
  • Toby Mac (37 points – On a count back 16 points on back 9)

Moonah Links

  • 1st – Justin Baigel (39 points)
  • 2nd – Josh Liberman (33 points – On a count back 17 points on back 9)
  • 3rd – Jonti Beder (33 points – On a count back 16 points on back 9)

The 2024 Kirzner Silberscher Shield is scheduled for December on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Join Maccabi Golf: https://www.macvicgolf.com.au/




  1. President, Peter Janovic and Benjamin Lewis (R to L)
  2. Earle Sacher (2nd place) and Peter Janovic (R to L)
  3. Peter Janovic and Searle Batten (3rd place) (R to L)

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