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Sports And Opportunities

Maccabi All Abilities provides a range of programs and services for members of the Jewish Community with a disability wanting to get involved in sport and active recreation.

We have a mix of regular programs and opportunities, as well as special events (including social activities and come’n’try programs).

Browse this section for more information on our:

  • Regular programs
  • Special events and other opportunities
  • Volunteering opportunities

Regular Programs

Some of our programs are firm favourites that run on a regular basis.

They might run weekly, fortnightly, or for a 4-6 week block throughout the year.

These programs are designed for people with a disability, but we welcome friends, supporters and other athletes to our group as appropriate. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or want to try out a program.

Regular programs include:

  • Basketball (weekly)
  • Swimming (weekly)
  • AFL Football team in the FIDA League (Block program)

Other Sports And Events

Maccabi All Abilities offers a variety of sporting and special events, in order to cater to a range of interests. We partner with mainstream Maccabi Sporting Clubs to provide meaningful opportunities for our members to participate in sport. Additionally, our special events provide social opportunities for our members to interact and chat to each other. 

Some of the activities include: 

  • Lawn Bowls with the Maccabi and Armadale Bowls Clubs 
  • Cricket with the Maccabi AJAX Senior Cricket Club including attending Shabbat Dinner and End of Year Presentation. 
  • Basketball End of Year team dinner 
  • Maccabi Victoria Hall of Fame  
  • Tennis at the Maccabi Tennis Club 
  • Disc Golf Come and try session with Melbourne Disc Golf 
  • Footy end of year team dinner  


We believe that everyone has something they can contribute to the community, which reflects their interests and ability. 

As part of the wider Maccabi community, the All Abilities program is committed to getting people involved in sport and active recreation in both playing and non-playing/volunteer roles. 

We work with individuals and clubs to facilitate meaningful volunteer opportunities that allow members to contribute based on the full extent of their interests and abilities. 

Previous and current all abilities volunteer involvement includes: 

  • Assisting with set up and office tasks in the lead up to Junior Carnival 
  • Assisting the senior football club as grounds manager 
  • Youth leaders at Junior Carnival 



Maccabi All Abilities offers sporting and active recreational programs and opportunities for Jewish individuals with a disability. We offer a range of all abilities-specific programs, supported integration opportunities, recreational/social events and volunteer opportunities.

We currently offer a range of All Abilities programs, including swimming, basketball, walking, cricket and social activities.

Contact us to find out more about our current calendar.

Our office is based in North Caulfield

Come and talk to us! Maccabi Victoria has over 20 sporting clubs and we are very happy to liaise with the mainstream sporting clubs to try and identify opportunities for you to get involved. Some of our members have played, trained and volunteered with sports including football, soccer, cricket and tennis.

Definitely not! In fact we don’t currently have any wheelchair-specific programs. We endeavour to ensure that all of our programs are wheelchair-accessible but our programs are designed to cater to people with any sort of disability.

If you require individual support to be able to participate in a program then this is something you will need to organise. Our coaches and volunteers do their best to accommodate all members and their needs, but unfortunately we don’t have the resources to be able to offer 1:1 support.

If you need 1:1 support and are struggling to find it, we can put you in touch with some suitable organisations.

Our basketball team participates in some all abilities basketball tournaments, but we don’t play in regular competitions.

We also encourage participants to join our team as part of the annual Maccabi / MS Swimathon.

We try to encourage as many people as possible to get involved in sport and active recreation and as such, many of our opportunities are non-competitive.

Whilst we love to see you as often as possible, we understand that everyone has busy lives. Because we don’t play in leagues, we don’t insist that you come to every training session (though of course you are welcome to!).

We also have a range of short-term programs and special events to give you the opportunity to try sports such as sailing, lawn bowls and footy.

Many of our programs can offer options to suit varying needs and abilities, and we try to make sure all of our programs are appropriate for members with limited mobility. Support workers are always welcome at our training and special events. If you have any concerns, we encourage you to get in contact with us to discuss what suits your specific situation.

Whilst most of our participants are 18+, we are constantly looking for opportunities for younger athletes.

In addition, we are more than happy to liaise with the mainstream clubs to look at integrating players into their programs.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss the best program option for yourself or your child / client.

It doesn’t matter – our programs are designed to focus on being social and getting moving – not on fierce competition. We go for walks, run dance parties and provide volunteer opportunities.

Definitely! Get in touch with us to have a chat about what coaching and volunteer vacancies we currently have.

Our programs don’t currently run during business/school hours, though we might be able to match you up with a buddy who is available during the day.

Access Inc. runs the Healthy Me program on a Friday afternoon. For more information contact [email protected].

GESAC runs a range of disability-specific programs during weekdays including all abilities basketball (Wednesdays) and a range of fitness classes (Monday-Thursday). Contact Cameron Lee on 0423 200 027 to discuss.

You can also refer to AAA Play (Reclink’s online directory) for more information.

If you’re in Sydney, get in touch with Maccabi NSW to see what activities are on offer through their All Abilities program – [email protected]. If you’re in WA, get in touch with your local Maccabi club to discuss opportunities.


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